GOOD Wrestling (1.19.19) live review

GOOD Wrestling (1.19.19) live review

GOOD Wrestling live review


January 19 2019


As part of my continuing attempt to log all the live shows I attend in 2019 here’s a little ditty about GOOD Wrestling and the lovely evening I spent in Wolverton (it’s near Milton Keynes). It’s show two in my attempt to crack the illusive 36 show record that I’ve tied three times. Will I get to 37 this year? Well, I’ve already missed one show I had tickets for. Personal issues resulted in me missing IPW:UK in Milton Keynes, spitting distance from the GOOD venue.




I’ve been to GOOD before, in November last year, and found it reasonably easy to deal with. The train station is in Wolverton, which is 13 minutes walk from the venue. It’s basically one straight line too so it’s hard to get lost. You come out of Wolverton station, climb the steps, take a right and keep walking until you spy the Crauford Arms on the left hand side. There are several supermarkets nearby and places to eat so pre-show you can always pick up some food should you so desire. I walked past a pizza place and a few other takeaways.


As with ATTACK on January 4th it was freezing cold. So I was extremely layered up on the way out. I’d got a hoodie and a heavy winter coat on and on the way back I was still freezing my nuts off. This is infinitely preferable to being surrounded by extremely sweaty wrestling fans though and I get the feeling the Crauford is a bit warm in the summer months.


When you get to the Crauford Arms there’s a little side door that leads right into an L shaped bar. When I got there I saw several people I knew including Ian Hamilton, Jen Hamilton, Meg Hewitt and Carsmile Steve. Part of the wrestling trip is meeting up with people and having a chat about wrestling. Although I am still hampered by having virtually no hearing in my left ear. Every time Alan Boon said something to me inside the building I had to turn around to hear it. My regular spot at GOOD is in front of the sound desk so I can have a quick word with John the sound guy. I know him from FCP. It’s a good vantage spot too although you’d be hard pressed to find a bad spot in the building. One slight downside to standing where I do; the lighting rig tends to point at me. If you don’t like being blinded then going off to the sides might be a better idea. The side to the right of the ring is where all the rowdy people stand.






Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper beat Anthony Mafia & Warren Banks

Brendan White beat Charli Evans

Ashley Dunn won the Greatest Scrambo (a 12 man Scramble match with half of the participants on delayed entry). Final four was Dunn, Kyle Fletcher, LJ Cleary and a very excited OJMO

Mike Bailey beat Mike Bird ****

Millie McKenzie beat Veda Scott

Beano beat Gene Munny and was rewarded with GOOD’s first actual title belt, replacing the now defunct Gene Munny Certificate of Excellence



GOOD is a company that knows the audience it attracts. They like daft stuff but also quality wrestling. So the card is always a mixture of fun matches and exciting matches, in front of a small crowd of about 100 people. This show was SOLD OUT! The detriment of a small building is the low ceiling, which caused problems for several wrestlers. I’m pretty sure Mike Bailey clipped it on one of his spots but TK Cooper’s long legs hit the roof several times during the opener. It can be quite scary but in the Scrambo they managed to pull off a Tower of Doom spot.


TK Cooper & Chuck Mambo make for a great team. It’s better than what PROGRESS are doing with Mambo and you can tell they’re mates outside of the ring. It has a natural vibe to it and I wish they’d get booked as a team in more places. It’s certainly breathed fresh life into TK Cooper, who seems to be at his best when surrounded by his pals.


The Scrambo was fantastic entertainment. There was an absolutely wild mixture of guys but I was most excited by Sunset Skip. Rocking a throwback territories gimmick he announced before the match that he was going to need more energy and pulled out a bag of powder. Spike Trivet threw some in his face and he screamed “I FUCKING LOVE COCAINE”. Other wrestlers to impress were CJ Carter, who’d taken the time to do the Tama Tonga face paint and looked really good for about two minutes before being quickly eliminated. I was also very impressed with Irish grappler LJ Cleary (“it’s my first time here”). He looks far better than he has any right to be with his experience levels. OJMO was brilliant. His half crab finish pays tribute to Mark Haskins’ variation on the Sharpshooter and OJMO’s enthusiasm was infectious. He was very excited to make the final four. Finally Kyle Fletcher was just outstanding. He’s improved so much since moving to England and was a stand out in a fun contest. His thigh slaps are so well timed and so loud. I usually hate them but if you get it right you’re onto a winner. The people were more invested in him because he was going everything so right.


Mike Bailey vs. Mike Bird was absolutely brilliant. Right from before the start where Bailey had to have the lyrics of Tom Jones’ “Delilah” explained to him. To the series of low blows; culminating in a split legged cock punch. To the brawling outside of the ring with pathetic plunder shots (the highlight being a cardboard O). To the variety of Speedball’s offence, right through to the nasty finish; Bailey’s shooting star knees. Great match. Probably my second favourite GOOD match ever. The top three would probably be:


Gene Munny vs. Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey vs. Mike Bird

Mike Bird vs. Ryan Smile


Bird is very entertaining in a small arena when you can hear his banter and Bailey is just brilliant.


Beano vs. Gene Munny was an epic main event with multiple finisher kick outs. Munny has been the face of GOOD (or rather the God of GOOD) as long as I’ve been watching it. He’s drawn attention to himself and his great work. Both as a comedy guy and a serious wrestler. I am a massive Munny fan so I was actually quite disappointed he lost! Beano, in winning, didn’t secure himself the Gene Munny Certificate of Excellence (the finest championship in all of wrestling) but rather the new GOOD title belt dubbed the “Grand Prize”. Beano is a hard worker and a clear talent. One to watch. It was a suitably good contest to introduce the new title and a lovely time was had by all.



I’m very fond of GOOD as a promotion. I love the underground graps and watching with a hundred other fans rather than a thousand, or more, is definitely my graps. I love the small venues. If you live anywhere near Milton Keynes (and I don’t, I’m 2.5 hours away by train) I’d highly recommend a trip to the Crauford Arms.




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