Fight Club Pro: Stranger Than Fixxon – Eyewitness Review



It seems far too long since the last Fight Club Pro show, this is the second outing in the new venue: Starworks. Some of the best wrestlers in the country are here tonight and this promotion is gathering worldwide attention with a real buzz about it at the moment. Great expectations are set at every show and each night they deliver, tonight is no exception. A packed crowd awaits with baited breath the beginning of a special night.

Martin Zaki joins Trent Seven in the Fight Club Pro ring, he reaches into a large cloth bag and hands Travis Banks a new Fight Club Pro World Championship. Pete Dunne arrives in the Wrestlehouse 2.0 and with obvious contempt, asks why we would want to lower himself to wrestle for the FCP championship when he has the WWEUK title on his shoulder. When Tyler Bate comes out to answer the challenge instead however, he quickly changes his tune. All that’s left now is CCK to enter the ring, Chris Brookes and Mondai Lycos waste no time in expressing their interest in taking the belt. All that’s left to do is change the previously announced matches for a Six Man Scramble main event! Before that, let’s get to the rest of the card.

Our first debut in Fight Club Pro tonight is Mark Davies. He has travelled all the way from Australia to ply his trade in the melting pot that is British Pro Wrestling, he faces against Kyle Fletcher who has only recently made the same decision himself. The larger Davies can move very quickly for a man his size, taking out Fletcher early on with a flying topei. Davies continues the devastation inside the ring, flattening his opponent with a pancake. He tries again for another big impact move but Kyle reverses and plants a Michinoku driver for a 2 count.

Kyle is using his long legs to his advantage, chopping away at Davies with vicious kicks who retaliates with equal vicious forearms. Kyle pulls from the well one too many times and his leg is caught. Davies smells victory and almost decapitates Fletcher with a lariat but only manages a 2 count. A sit down powerbomb still cannot put away the Aussie Arrow, the obviously frustrated Davies is astounded by the resilience being shown tonight. Fletcher tries one last grasp at a victory, an Aussie destroyer spikes Davies hard on the canvas but this is not enough to put him away. Both wrestlers seemingly spent, it becomes a battle to see who can hit one big last move to put the other one away. Davies impresses the crowd with a massive driver for the all important win here. The crowd are on their feet, they have witnessed two people travel half way around the world to make a name for themselves, leaving everything behind but giving it all in the ring. Fight Club Pro has found two potential stars and the fans have welcomed them with open arms.

Another previously unannounced match is a triple threat tag team match. BT Gunn and a returning Wolfgang have travelled to compete tonight against Extra Talented and the Hunter Brothers. BT clips one of the Hunter Brothers early on in an attempt to gain momentum. A forceful tag to Extra Talented follows who continue the beat-down with some well orchestrated tag moves.

Extra Talented are a well oiled machine, having been on Triple H’s radar and being announced as representing “The Network” they continue to dominate with double team manoeuvrers. BT Gunn falls foul of an angels wings / superkick combination, it looks like they are going to claim the win with the same move on the Hunters, but this is scouted quickly and the Hunters counter with a double move of their own – all four feet coming down in a double double foot stomp to score the pinfall.

Dan Moloney slowly walks to the ring and grabs the microphone, ready to address the FCP crowd. He menaces towards Matt Taylor Richards when realising the shouts of “Dan” will not subside. Via his newly acquired mouthpiece / hype-man – Moloney proclaims he has not lost in a thousand years and will fight any fucker in this room right now. Enter Clint Margera. Having fulfilled a career ambition in competing in the CZW Tournament of Death, he feels he can take on anyone in the world right now. Clint asks for a no DQ match, Moloney obliges, a gloveless Joel asks for the bell, and it’s on!

The fight pretty much descends into chaos straight away, battering each other in the Starworks Warehouse. Through chairs and fans they make their way around the crowded arena with Joel not far behind. From my vantage point I see very little, but I hear gasps and whoops of excitement as each corner of the building gets to experience a little of the violence. Eventually they make their way back into the ring area. Clint is thrown hard with an underhook suplex but Moloney is unable to take Margera down for long. Clint, still in hardcore mode tries to set up chairs while Moloney is perched up on the top rope. Moloney seizes the opportunity to end this with a brutal push while Clint is positioning himself, the chairs break the fall, the referee counts three, its over.

Clint returns to the back, unable to secure the victory against the relentless one. Usually we would have another match straight away but we hear the faint drum beat of a club classic, quiet at first, the sounds grow louder and louder; Session Moth is here! Her motives unclear, Martina dances her way into the ring. Referee Joel appears to be first on the hitlist as he is backed into the corner while Session Moth grinds away. The mood takes Joel and he grinds back, his usual stoic face morphing while some repressed hedonistic memory from long ago enters his brain. The music switches up a gear and Martina focuses her attention on Dan, who has not left the ring.

Moloney seems not to be impressed with Sessions performance. If this is a mating ritual then she really hasn’t done her homework, but still she dances. The song builds up, and it builds up. It it about to enter the crescendo when BAM! Dan’s boot meets moths mouth, the crowd are speechless, Relentless Dan Moloney is smiling, like he’s the cat who’s got the cream. He is basking in the abuse hurled at him by the fight club pro faithful, when who would come to Moths rescue? None other than Shay Purser!

The sound of breaking glass and Disturbed fill the air, it looks like he is going to stomp some mud holes and defend a ladies honour at the same time. Only one obstacle remains; Dan, and this is slowly dawning on young Shay. Moth steps in to save her man, as a tag team they manage to fend off the oncoming Moloney and deliver a cracking Stone Cold Stunner that catapulted him out of the ring. Whatever could be next for this unlikely duo? Sometimes you find love in the most unlikeliest of places.

The next match was scheduled to be a triple threat, after the change to the only other two scheduled matches on the show tonight it seemed fitting to alter this one slightly. Jordan Devlin, Mark Haskins and Will Ospreay had individually entered. Omari made his way to the ring and, much to the chagrin of Devlin entered the nights contest to make it a fatal four way. Haskins did not seem to mind either way, Ospreay shared the crows enthusiasm and welcomed him into the fray. Jordan Devlin was still very put out by all of this and so ejected himself from the match at various intervals, before coming back in to dish out some offence or break a pinfall attempt. Ospreay bought a new toy with him in the form of an orange bungee style cord and put it to good use on two occasions during the match, Devlin at one point visibly pained when the cord snapped back in place in his groin area. There are pictures of this sort of thing if you’re a sadist…

Haskins tried to secure a submission victory and at various points throughout the match wrenched all his opponents arms in painful positions but it was not to be. Ospreay seemed likely to be on the receiving end of a C4 on the top rope but held on to Devlin and they both gracefully landed feet first! Osprey managed a C4 of his own on Devlin from the canvas and then tried to secure the win with an os-cutter which was interrupted by Haskins before he was thrown out the ring again. Ospreay and Omari bring heavy shots to each other as the match nears its close, Ospreay tries another cutter but Omari scouts it and wins the match with a beautiful end of days style finisher.

Our final debut of the night sees Millie McKenzie against one of the best in the country in Kay Lee Ray. There is a lot of support for the local lass as we get underway. With so much footage available of Kay Lee Ray and little to no footage of McKenzie there is a little feeling out process at the outset. It’s so important to size up your opponent, this only adds to the tension as so many of the Fight Club Pro crowd are willing Millie to make an impact on her debut.

KLR scouts a dropkick early and uses this to her advantage. This only serves to fire up Millie as she presses on, forcing Kay Lee Ray outside and carries on the momentum with a topei which fires up the fans even more. Back in the ring we have a stare down and some slaps for good measure. McKenzie tries a high risk manoeuvrer, but this is also scouted and she is planted face first with a widows peak. Millie manages to get her shoulder up before the 3 count, but any chance of a comeback is short lived as Kay Lee Ray changes her position, brings her leg over Millie’s throat and forces the submission victory. Experience prevailed, Millie did herself, and the Fight Club Pro dojo proud however.

In an earlier announced change to the nights main event we now get Brookes vs Lycos vs Seven vs Bate vs Dunne vs Banks. Whether by design or coincidence we have British Strong Style on one part of the ring, while in the other corner we have Banks and CCK – who are teaming up later in the year as House Calamari for 2017’s King of Trios tournament. The eagle eyed fans in attendance have spotted this and the duelling CCK / British Strong Style chants echo around. This match has a big fight feel to it.

Brookes tries to end it early with a calamari catch but this is broken up swiftly. A melee ensues with brawls all around the ring. Peter and Travis seem to want to dish out as much punishment as possible and this leaves Moustache Mountain and CCK to war against each other. Sick tag moves cause maximum damage, Dunne launches himself onto almost everyone with a giant moonsault!

Travis gathers himself and unleashes a stunning series of moves in succession; he hits a driver and then lands a double stomp from the ropes, he throws Dunne into the corner and crashes hard with a cannonball, he tries a coup de grâce in the form of a coast to coast but still does not get the victory. Pete decides enough is enough, delivers a swift kick to the nether regions of Travis and CCK before thinking this tactic can be universal and humiliates his BSS team mates with the same move. He is about to reclaim the title with a pedigree adding insult to injury, but someone stops him dead in his tracks. MK McKinnan interrupts Pete Dunne for the second time in recent history, the former friends square down when MK sends Pete reeling with a superkick! While this is all going on Lycos and Brookes have leaped into the ring, they smack Travis over the head and deploy another sick tag move for good measure before Brookes pins him in the centre of the ring to become the newest Fight Club Pro champion. The era of CCK begins.

Every wrestler in the venue has the potential to be a stand out star and this night shows that magic can happen all across the card. From two rivals flying half way around the world to prove a point, to the debut of a home town hero just coming up short against one of the premier wrestlers in the world. The blossoming of a new romance in the wake of a heinous act being committed, the realisation that anyone on the roster can hang with some of the high flying elite and make an impact, the quest of one man and his wolf to capture gold and worldwide acclaim, and one man picking up the pieces to bring the gold back again, this show had it all. The next one can’t come quick enough, hope to see you there!

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