CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide (3.22.17)

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide (3.22.17)

CWF Mid-Atlantic #97


March 22 2017


The last time I checked in on CWF Mid-Atlantic was nine episodes ago in their series. I’m back because I have some spare time and it’s a good show.


So Time Dirty (Dirty Daddy & Snooty Fox) vs. HIM & SIS

Immediately I’m lost. I only know HIM, which is Michael McAllister, a long-time regional guy for CWF. He’s the only one of the four who has a Cagematch profile. HIM rocks a Mankind/Vader mask and SIS is his female equivalent. Opposite are Snooty Fox, a bald and excitable gent with his afro loving tag partner. This is dirty Southern wrasslin’. SIS mistimes the finish and Snooty ends up getting attacked with a chain, just after HIM took a clean pin that was supposed to be broken up. Luckily this was only three minutes because it stank.

Final Rating: DUD
Video Control takes us to CL Party who shills the Kernodle Tag Cup. My word this is Southern. Elsewhere the Carnies talk about the Kernodle Cup.


Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship

Trevor Lee (c) vs. Cain Justice vs. Otto Schwanz vs. Chip Day vs. Smith Garrett vs. Aric Andrews

Otto used to be Bo Dupp. It’s kind of weird to see someone from that WWF Era that still wrestles and clearly still cares about the graps. The rest are products of the local scene. Lee has escaped and is getting booking all over the world. Chip Day is the next most successful guy. CWF is just one of many gigs for him. Trevor takes the ring and challenges anyone to beat him. Smith Garrett looks like a likely candidate with some good mat grappling. I like that Lee feels confident enough to start and stay in there.

I’ll beat all you sons of bitches! Seeing as he’s been wrestling in matches over a hundred minutes it’s easy to see why he’s confident. Smith gets pin by Otto to be the first man out. It’s a pity because, the odd dangerous looking spot apart, he’s the guy I want to see going epic with Trevor Lee. With Garrett gone they switch to Cain Justice as the focus. He’s one of the least experienced wrestlers involved and this is his shot at getting top end experience without being exposed one-on-one. Chip Day kicks Otto in the face to dump him out. We then settle back into Day vs. Lee and they do some tidy shoot-style stand-up. I love how they batter the other two for coming near him. The Lee-Day sequences are magnificent, frankly. Unfortunately Day gets dumped by Cain after Lee catches him with a high knee. This was not the ideal final three, I feel, but this is the storyline. They are all champions (Aric the TV champ, Cain the “Rising Generation” champ). Lee taps out Cain and that leaves him vs. Aric.


Both guys nail down a healthy combination of fatigue and desperation selling. Trevor Lee is a machine but he has a knack of making you think he’s completely exhausted and every move he hits is the last he’s capable of doing. The desperation kick-outs are great too. Especially from Aric’s Asphalt Spike but also a belt shot. Lee survives all of it though and hits a choke, brainbuster, choke, kick combo to retain. Trevor Lee told an immaculate story of survival here. I love that he constantly kept trying to be involved so no one else could dictate where his title ended up. He’s that kind of resilient champion so it all made sense. In the end he was simply better than everyone else. In retrospect it makes sense that Chip Day and Smith Garrett, who could potentially have beaten a weakened Lee, got eliminated earlier on. This takes Trevor up to one year as CWF champion. Brad Attitude and Roy Wilkins run in there to exact revenge for their past losses to Lee.

Final Rating: ****



Obviously the tag match is a total skip but most of this episode is about the title match six-way and that was really good. The only downside is that CWF crowds are really quiet. You don’t get the atmosphere that matches the intensity of the work. In particular Trevor Lee and Chip Day deserve better.

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