The Red Dead Redemption 2 Diaries (Day One)

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Diaries (Day One)

Red Dead Diaries


Day 1


It is 1899, 14 years after Back to the Future Part 3, and I am Arthur Morgan. Travelling through the snowy mountains with a renegade gang of villains lead by Dutch (sadly not voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger). RDR2 starts out showing you the ropes, helpfully showing you how to follow another horse on horseback, how to make your horse like you and how wicked it is when your footsteps stay in the snow for ages after you’ve made them.




My one early concern is that spending a lot of time travelling in the game would be quite dull. And it is. However the scenery is beautiful and there are little offshoot things to find when you’re travelling.




My two favourite ‘off the beaten track’ discoveries so far:


  1. Running into a Mexican sharpshooter in the middle of nowhere who challenged me to a shooting contest. He’d got a bunch of bottles lined up on a bridge and wanted to see if he could quick draw me into defeat. “I’ll fucking show him” I yelled just as the sun came out from behind a cloud (IRL not the game) and in the time it took for me to move out of the way of the big blond bastard the cheeky Mexican fucker had gone into a two bottle lead. Naturally I refused to pay the $5 he felt I owed him and I had to beat him to death. My Arthur is a despicable shit.


  1. Under another bridge, near the small town of Valentine, I found a dismembered corpse, which is apparently the first in a series of clues to a serial killer. “Look on my works” is written crudely in chalk on a nearby rock. I’m excited to find the 1899 equivalent of Ted Bundy chilling out somewhere, dismembering dead bodies.


It’s only early days in New Hanover but the world is opening up before me. Since departing the Grizzly Mountains in the north and arriving at Horseshoe Overlook I’ve been getting increasingly inquisitive about the nature of the world around me. There are exciting old timey people out there, making the world their own, ready to be shot in the back over a matter of eighty dollars.



Horseshoe Overlook

October 31 1899

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