LA Noire Diaries – Day Two

LA Noire Diaries – Day Two

November 17 2017


Day two and I have far less time to game today. Especially as I got a bit obsessed with working out who the PWG Linear champion is (it’s Brock Lesnar). First port of call is locking up nonce Mark Bishop and shooting up the set of Intolerance (the DW Griffith movie). It’s a bit old and falling apart. I remember first time around I kept falling off. Not so this time. Although I do take one pisser off the building. The sight of Cole’s dead body lying under the structure makes me unusually happy.


With that case done Cole gets himself promoted and off Traffic. This is where Cole is introduced to Elsa, a club singer. His throbbing erection is barely able to stay in his pants. You have a wife at home, you piece of shit! Even worse is the promotion leaves Stefan behind and I’m paired up with miserable, old, cantankerous fuck Rusty Galloway.


On the plus side of things Galloway dislikes Cole from the start, which is entirely deserved. He also loves drinking on the job. We hit up the Bamba Club and he orders three fingers of Rye at 10.30am. When the bartender isn’t pushy about him paying he doubles down. Six fingers before 11am. This man is a dangerous drunk. I like him already.


My driving has gotten progressively more careless. The first time out with Rusty results in the writing-off of the patrol car as I drove into a wall trying to take a tight corner at full speed. On my way to the crime scene I took out seven benches. It got to the point where I was so reckless that the game failed to chastise me for hitting a pedestrian. They weren’t even in the road when I hit them. By the time I arrive at the victim’s house my third car of the mission is on fire.


Arrested the right man; did $8k worth of damage to my car(s).

Basically this ^ only the car is on fire. Progress after session 2: completed up to “The Red Lipstick Murder”. The one with the dead naked girl in the park. The game wouldn’t let me shoot the perp unfortunately. But I wanted street justice! It’s a big wrestling weekend so next session is planned in for early next week. Can’t wait to see how much bourbon Rusty can drink on a longer case.



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