Rear Booze Reviews: Life & Death IPA



I’ve never understood the hipster phenomenon of slapping your delicious beer into a coke sized can instead of an enormous bottle that gets you drunkerer. However I’d had a rough day at the office and I was in the mood for a reflective 7pm train station platform beverage.

Step forward Life & Death IPA. At a spirited 6.5% it packs a suitable punch to take my mind off work and I was quite pleased with taking a photo that looks like a publicity shot.



The beer itself has managed to change my mind about the small can hipster business because it was a tasty motherfucker. If I was wrong about Vocation’s mini-tinny, maybe I’m wrong about the whole hip movement.


I hold Life & Death’s “smooth malty backbone” responsible.


It did also claim to taste like “fruit salad” but I can overlook that bullshit due to flavour.

I wish I had a malty backbone.


Final Rating: ****1/4

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